1. Stone-Coated Metal – 

Stone-covered metal roofing, or stone-covered steel roofing, has an in-depth, compositional profile and can imitate the look of black-top shingles, wood shakes, or mud tiles. This superior roofing material accompanies guarantees as long as 50 years and is evaluated exceedingly for protection from winds, hail, and flame. It is made with erosion safe metal covered with squashed stone that is for all time attached to the metal. Stone-covered metal material commonly is introduced over wood strips, or secures, that make air channels between the rooftop deck and the material. These air spaces fill in as protection to help keep the rooftop deck cooler in summer and help limit ice dams in winter.


  1. Built-in Roofing – 


Developed /  built-in roofing is the most prevalent roofing material utilized on low-inclined rooftops. Built-in roofing ismadeusing  of a few layers of bitumen surfaces, and this is done by applying a total layer or covering as the best layer. This best layer ordinarily is tar, over which the rock is laid. Most developed rooftops introduced today incorporate a layer of unbending protection for vitality execution. The employ sheets are generally fortified with fiberglass mats or natural mats, contingent upon their application.


  1. Solar Shingles – 


Solar shingles offer an option in contrast to traditional housetop sun oriented boards, while likewise filling in as a roofing material. The present sun oriented shingles normally are made with unbending materials, for example, safety glass. This makes them look and perform increasingly like customary shingles, and most can be introduced comparably to shingles and without exceptional establishment groups. Obviously, the best advantage of sun oriented shingles is that they make power amid sunlight hours. Thus, the material begins paying for itself from the day it is introduced and over the whole lifetime of the framework. It’s the main roofing material that offers a money-related profit for your venture.


  1. Single-Ply Roofing – 


Single-employ material is a mainstream alternative for business structures and can be utilized on any incline of the rooftop. There are two fundamental kinds of single-employ material: thermoset and thermoplastic. Thermoset films are made with layers of engineered elastic polymers, for example, EPDM, CSPE, and Neoprene. They are generally utilized for expansive rooftop territories on the grounds that their substantial size limits the quantity of creases.


  1. Standing Seam Roofing – 


Standing crease material is a sort of metal material made up of vertical boards with two creases for each board that stand up vertically. They offer a more completed appearance and preferable sturdiness over conventional folded metal material. Standing crease material is regularly accessible in electrifies steel, Galvalume, and copper materials. Standing crease boards are introduced over standard pressed wood rooftop decking and an endorsed underlayment, for example, ice-and-water shield. The boards are ordinarily 12 to 24 inches wide and run parallel to the incline of the rooftop.